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Icefantasy GmbH
Zona Produttiva Reifenstein 21
I-39040 Campo di Trens
Tel. +39 0472 765512
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Why Icefantasy?

Why Icefantasy?

Ice rinks produced in-house

For years, we have produced our ice rinks and edging ourselves. This is the basis that allows us to guarantee the highest quality and realize individual customer wishes precisely. Constant further development brings crucial benefits for us and our customers in terms of service and costs.

Experienced team

The qualifications and ongoing training of our employees form the foundation for our top-class production. Our team’s extraordinarily high level of motivation is even more important in ensuring high customer satisfaction: our team works with complete dedication – “impossible” isn’t part of our vocabulary.

Comprehensive advice

From the exact analysis of the location to advice with regard to presentation areas and the arrangement of ice dancing events: Icefantasy ensures that its high quality standards are meticulously adhered to – right down to the very last detail.

Service on location

Thanks to our partners in various regions of Italy, we have created a network

Key points in favor of Icefantasy ice rinks:

  • Good ice even in poor weather conditions and external temperatures of up to +40°C
  • Extremely low energy consumption
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very short construction and dismantling times
  • Quick ice formation
  • Proven quality
  • Attractive prices

Financial benefits:

  • Guaranteed ice enables daily use, meaning that revenues can be calculated accurately
  • Extremely low energy consumption means operating costs are low compared to other systems
  • Short construction and dismantling times prevent periods of inactivity and costs

that enables any possible disruptions to be rectified on location as quickly as possible. Our 24-hour service hotline ensures full operational security.

Extremely short construction and dismantling times

Our ice rink system enables construction and dismantling to take place within just a few hours. An average of just 20 hours is required for ice formation, meaning that skating can begin the very next day. Our meticulous time management helps our customers to save money.