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The newest generation of high tech

The newest generation of high tech

Icefantasy mobile ice rink system enables ice skating anywhere and at any time of the year!

Icefantasy uses only high-quality, long-lasting materials. For this reason, we rely on EPDM cooling mats. The benefit of this material over other systems available on the market is clear: compared to white polyethylene pipes, EPDM is UV resistant. This prevents the common problem of cooling mats deteriorating after one to two years and having to be replaced. Even electrical leakage current, a widespread phenomenon, is unable to damage our material, unlike aluminum and metal pipes that deteriorate and leak over time.
Icefantasy insulated mat system is based on a simple principle that involves our EPDM mats being rolled out onto a previously laid out insulating layer. The distribution pipes are connected simply using quick couplings. Ice skating rinks can thus be assembled within 2 - 4 hours with great flexibility in terms of size and shape. Our edging is joined together and frozen into the ice for better stability. The distribution pipes are equipped with an accessible, vandal-proof cover as standard.

Extremely low energy consumption

Icefantasy technology enables optimal results through the use of the latest generation of computer-controlled cooling machines with low energy consumption and thus low energy costs. For instance, even in the warmest winter months for an ice rink measuring 600 m², power costs remain below 2.600,00 €/month (for comparison purposes: systems are often said to be energy-saving, even though they use three times as much energy as Icefantasy systems).

Guaranteed ice even when temperatures are high

Our insulated mat system also provides the enormous benefit of guaranteeing ice rink operations even in outdoor temperatures of up to 45°C. In summer 2009, two of our ice rinks were in use in central and southern Italy where afternoon temperatures reached up to 48°C. Our many years of experience have shown that Icefantasy systems are also eminently suitable for summer use.