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Icefantasy GmbH
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I-39040 Campo di Trens
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Mobile ice rinks

Mobile ice rinks

Simple, efficient and quick: comprehensive service from Icefantasy

Icefantasy offers you the opportunity to rent and buy mobile ice rinks of any size throughout the year. Our robust, technically highly developed systems can be used independent of the season and outdoor temperature. The system is based on a simple, intelligent principle that enables any ice rink to be assembled in just a few hours. Wind and weather are almost immaterial; the ice is practically impervious. Guaranteed ice, the quick construction and dismantling time, speedy ice production and rapid thawing save time and personnel. The quality of Icefantasy guarantees your success!


Our reliable sales service is worth mentioning:
whether new or used materials, you will only receive tried-and-tested, high-quality goods from us. Our experience prevents nasty surprises – simply take advantage of our advice.